“Mia attunes to me in a way that makes me feel important and seen. It’s very healing for me.”

“The work I did with Mia was deeply nourishing and exactly what I needed to continue healing and meeting the challenges I was facing in my life. With her I felt heard, validated, encouraged and supported all while cultivating my capacity to remain present and self sourced. I am tremendously grateful for what a clean and sparkling mirror she has been for me (and my partner). I always looked forward to our time together, knowing that I would leave with greater clarity, compassion, and ‘homework’ to assist me in my awareness of my self and my life patterns.”

“I have great respect and reverence for the emotional and spiritual midwifery that I received in sessions with Mia. With all my being I am thankful for her wise, nourishing and kind presence. I cherish the bond we have formed and the foundation we crafted to move me forward on my path.”

“Thanks for your calm handling.”

“Mia’s got oodles of realness, authentic, and overall amazingness.”

“Mia helped me open doors I didn’t even know were there. What an incredible blessing to have you in my life! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and giant heart with me.”

“Mia is a gifted therapist. By gifted I mean she sees the shining parts of you that you can’t always see yourself– and no matter how covered or tarnished or destroyed you are, without even knowing it, you start shining a little brighter. This is the magic of Mia. The work she does is sacred. She reminds you of your inherent beauty, worth and inner light, and in sharing the space of a room with her you feel held– loved– understood– forgiven to the depths of you. She is naturally compassionate, empowering, nurturing and loving. But then again she somehow reminds you that you are all these things– and more, too. I’m certain the work Mia does transforms and saves lives every single day. I’m living proof.”

“The way Mia works isn’t about figuring out what’s really wrong with your life and then fixing it. Rather, she helps you see your life as it really is, and accept things as they are. In that process of seeing and accepting, everything becomes much more workable. And that, for me, has been very, very helpful.”

“I didn’t feel like it was any coincidence that I happened upon Mia Bolte. I knew I needed to work with her, even if I didn’t know exactly why. Over time, I’ve formed one of the most profound therapeutic relationships of my life.
I can’t quite say how or when these gentle, yet profound shifts happened. Somewhere between the many cups of tea poured, I somehow grew more into myself. All the pieces of me felt welcome, all at once, and for the first time. I felt like every timid voice, every gripping emotion, every joy in me has it’s place and it’s own wisdom to share.
The biggest shift I have experienced in working with Mia, by far, has been in my heart. It was as if working with her allowed me to set down a giant, imaginary boulder I had seemed to be carrying my entire life. I opened up rooms into my own heart that I didn’t even know where there. I feel a radiant softening deep in my chest. I have found a gentleness towards myself that I’ve struggled many times before to create.
Often times, the echo of words spoken in our sessions or a simple remembrance of how it feels to be present in that relationship is enough to pull me fully back into myself at any moment.
I am beyond grateful for Mia and her true, steady heart.”

“How do I thank you, Mia for our work together, that brought me to this place, this moment? A moment of knowing I am a fearless, loving and compassionate being with a desire to share all my gifts with a world who needs people like me—like us!
Mia, you have mirrored back to me the love I want to be to my self and others. Thank you for helping me grow and become the person, the women I am today. I am still learning to spread my wings though I can say in confidence I am set to take flight and explore a world unknown to me. “