Hi, I’m Mia Bolte, a counselor and psychotherapist in Boulder. Welcome to my Buddhist-Inspired Psychology and Consultation page. Maybe you are here because you are:

  • Looking for more meaning, depth and ease in your life.
  • Feeling down, blue or depressed, heart-broken or anxious.
  • Wanting more integration and well being in your life.
  • Ready to explore more of yourself and your relationships, including what is not working, or
    getting in the way of your life feeling more satisfying.

Using the best of body-centered, Buddhist based approaches, including the Hakomi method I invite you to be in touch if you are looking for a counselor or psychotherapist in Boulder or wish to deepen your self-awareness. You certainly don’t need to be interested in Buddhism to benefit from this way of working. Whatever brings you here, I invite you to look around, and please, do call me at (612) 701-2027 for a no charge phone consultation.

With every best wish,