Does the world feel a little overwhelming to you right now?

Okay — maybe more like so overwhelming you want to throw the covers over your head and hide like a toddler? 

I get it. Things are hard to look at. Bad news is everywhere you look and impending doom seems to be lurking around every corner. When there’s so much heartache, division, and violence, being a sensitive soul can feel next to impossible. 

Deeply feeling what goes on around you is part of being sensitive.  It took awhile for me to learn that sensitivity is a gift, yet most of us are not taught exactly how to protect that gift. And because we don’t know the right tools to use, many sensitives are left feeling depleted and emotionally exhausted. 

As tempting as it is, please do not hide. We need you and your unique heart (now more than ever).

You just have to learn how to do good in the world and have ethical boundaries to protect your mind and energy. 

In my work and personal experience as a sensitive person, I found there are specific morning and evening routines that help prepare me for the day and cleanse my soul of heavy emotions and thoughts when it’s over. 

I’ve turned these Simple daily routines into guided practices you can use every day to feel:

What you'll get:

What it's not

This isn’t counseling or psychotherapy, but it IS therapeutic.

Some days, these guides will help to center you for your day, and other days it may take a bit longer. It’s a practice, and you will get the best results when you proactively and regularly use the guides.

Always remember that the fruits of your intentions and efforts are cumulative.

The Investment

Experience the audio recordings, printables, reminder cards, and more, a $110 value for just $11

students say:

"Mia is a breath of fresh air - she has an amazingly calm energy and has allowed me to regain my headspace in a crazy time."

"Working with Mia turns tides."

"The night time tool literally turned my anxiety around. I slept for the first time in days!"

"As I try the things I've learned from Mia, I am steadily getting relief from my anger and sadness."

The Investment

Experience the audio recordings, printables, reminder cards, and more, a $110 value for just $11

Please, thoughtfully consider your decision to purchase this product. Refunds are not offered for this product. Results vary. Folks report immediately experiencing insight and relief when using these tools. In my experience, the more regularly you use these methods, the more far-reaching the effect. Bottom line: It’s up to you. 

is This going to be worth my while?

Here’s Mia’s answer to that good question… 

“My aim is to walk my talk; to download to you what has helped hundreds of seekers, including myself. I use these tools and many others do too.  We all report positive results.  Generally, folks immediately feel at least a little better.  Let’s be honest, we don’t always go from 0 to 100 quickly! Here you get a literal guide, that includes support for your body, mind and spirit.  You can adjust for yourself, as you wish.  If you feel a need for better boundaries, rest, and letting go, trust that you were drawn here, and give it a try.  After two weeks of giving it your best attempt, if you truly feel it wasn’t worth $11, send me a personal email, and I’ll over-ride the no-return policy and refund your money.  Your happiness is  my happiness. :)”

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