Hello, so glad YOU are here!

I see a need for people to be welcomed, seen and heard as they make sense of their worlds.  As you meet the fierce challenges of human living, you need a trained guide. Then, we hope, you move forward, with clear seeing.  This sort of attentive presence is both simple and rare, and it’s my intention to offer that to you in our work together.

Here, holistic therapy services blend my cutting edge understanding of the mind with body-centered psychotherapy. I also offer life path advising and depth coaching.  Contact me today to schedule your first sessions.

I meet with clients in my home office in the Seward neighborhood, near River Road in Minneapolis, MN and online.

ADDRESS:  Please contact me.

Minneapolis, MN 55406

PHONE: (612) 701-2027

EMAIL: mia@miabolte.com

“Just BEING with Mia is healing.”
“Mia gives me hope and I feel much more is possible.”

Frequently Asked Questions

My clients tend to be people who are looking for more meaning, improved relationships and a greater sense of well being.

People often want to pay attention to depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, unresolved history or family of origin issues, trauma, spirituality, their personal style of being in the world including: children of alcoholics/addictions, and or divorce, sensitivity and coping strategies.

Once I heard a seeker friend say, “therapy is an admittance of health.” I welcome people who wish to learn more about themselves and how they relate to the world, their relationships and their own self.