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Feel More Ease, Self-Love And Wellness

Meditation is a tool that allows you to identify your internal habits so that you can take action toward positivity, peace, and understanding of yourself and the world around you. This quick 2-minute check in is designed to be a daily practice and will allow you to come back to center.

Buddhist-based, mindfulness-centered online classes, mentoring, and coaching.

Need a mentor as you look for meaning, depth and ease in your life?

Want to apply mindfulness, Buddhism or meditation to your work with others?

Ready to know how to soothe and calm your inner critic with a simple practice?

"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?"

~ Rumi

Deepening your self-awareness (Which is said to be “a cure” in itself!) so you feel hopeful, more comfortable and equipped to meet your challenges are hallmarks of my work with my others. As a teacher, psychotherapist and mentor based in Minneapolis, MN, USA,  online classes, groups and individual sessions are inspired by the best of body-centered,  Buddhist based approaches, including the Hakomi method, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, neuroscience and mindfulness. 

May all beings be happy

Guiding You to Your Very Best Self

Hi, I’m really glad you are here!

I’m Mia, and I help people understand themselves, make sense of their feelings, wants and disappointments in service of healing your pain and making more conscious choices using the best of body and heart centered coaching, counseling and psychotherapy.  

I teach tools and techniques to help you along your journey toward personal and spiritual growth. I create a safe space for my students and clients both in individual sessions and through my online courses. 

Kind Feedback about Working with Mia

Mia is a gifted therapist and teacher. She sees the shining parts of you, even when you can’t. Then, you get brighter too. This is the magic of Mia.

In my individual sessions with Mia, I talked about the parenting challenges I was facing with my young child, and wow! Her tips got us further along than the child psychologist’s suggestions. We are a happier family!

Mia helped me open doors I didn’t even know were there. What an incredible blessing to have her in my life! So very grateful for her wisdom, spot on insights and giant heart.

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Mindful breathing
Mia Bolte

Pause for a Mindful Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing We are in it now.  The busy holiday time, that is.  Seems like no matter what, there are moments of too much activity, interaction and stimulus.  As soon as you notice that you’d benefit from a break, go ahead and pause.  Take a moment to invite mindfulness of body and breath.  This short

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What is Somatic or Body-Centered Therapy?

Body-centered or Somatic Psychology is a field within psychotherapy.  It’s not just taking a yoga class or walking during your psychotherapy session.  Those activities, sure can be great too.  There’s more to it as it relates to therapy though.  In this video I’ll tell you more about Somatic or Body-centered psychotherapy.  If the roots and

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