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It's 2023 & Life is not as it was...

We’ve been through the ringer! As a society, between war, climate crisis news, natural disasters and ongoing Covid scares, we are stretched thin.  All of this effects us.  Meditation, body-centered therapy and contemplative coaching are tools that let you identify your emotions and internal habits so that you can take action toward positivity, peace, and understanding of yourself and the world around you. Click the button below to get a quick 2-minute check in is designed to be a daily practice and will allow you to come back to center.

Buddhist-based, mindfulness-centered online classes, therapy, and coaching.

Need a guide as you look for meaning, depth and ease in your life?

Want to apply mindfulness, Buddhism or meditation to your work with others?

Ready to know how to soothe and calm your upset with simple practices?

Guiding You to Your Very Best Self

Hi, I’m really glad you are here!

I’m Mia, and believe me, I know we are living in trying times. For 20+ years,  I help people understand themselves, make sense of their feelings, wants and disappointments in service of attending to your pain and making more conscious choices using the best of body and heart centered methods and practices. 

In this pandemic era, we are waking up to the importance of knowing ourselves more truly and kindly. One key is to address our habits that get in our way.  We are being called to do the deep work of being fully human.  It’s my honor and joy to support you on that journey.

I teach tools and techniques to help you along your way toward personal and spiritual growth. I create a safe space for my students and clients both in individual sessions and through my online courses.

Forever, I’ve been curious about people, spirituality, how we communicate and a meaningful inner life.  In addition to holding a Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology I’ve studied systems theory, interpersonal communication, shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, coaching, expressive arts, all sorts of therapy, human development and generally how to live well.  Whatever benefit I’ve gained from these pursuits, I offer to you.

300 years ago we’d all have had a role in our village.  I would have been called a wise woman and we would have gathered around a fire to attend to our troubles in community.  In this less simple age, I’m not quite sure what to call myself.  None of the titles fit that well.  Think counselor/helper type meets spiritual director meets meditator who knows how to listen to you with her whole being and you end up with Buddhist-Inspired Contemplative Coaching and Consulting.

Along with some insight and felt sense of yourself,  I hope you’ll leave feeling seen, heard and appreciated for who you are and what you are up to in this life.                    


"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?"

~ Rumi

Deepening your self-awareness (Which is said to be “a cure” in itself!) so you feel hopeful, more comfortable and equipped to meet your challenges are hallmarks of my work with my others. As a teacher, therapeutic coach and guide based in Minneapolis, MN, USA,  online classes, groups and individual sessions are inspired by the best of body-centered,  Buddhist based approaches, including the Non Violent Communication, Hakomi method, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, neuroscience and mindfulness. You can learn more ways to treat yourself with true care and kindness.

Kind Feedback about Working with Mia

Mia is a gifted therapist and teacher. She sees the shining parts of you, even when you can’t. Then, you get brighter too. This is the magic of Mia.

In my individual sessions with Mia, I talked about the parenting challenges I was facing with my young child, and wow! Her tips got us further along than the child psychologist’s suggestions. We are a happier family!

Mia helped me open doors I didn’t even know were there. What an incredible blessing to have her in my life! So very grateful for her wisdom, spot on insights and giant heart.

May all beings be happy

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