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Psychotheraphy and Counseling (for individuals, couples and groups)

Body centered psychotherapy can be an excellent opportunity to explore the obstacles to
experiencing a rich, full life. Learn more about what is not working in your
life and how to transform through gentle, practical tools. You’ll be able to
make mindful choices and move toward being more of who you really are,
in accord with your aims and goals.

Individual sessions are $140 for 55 to 60 minutes.

Reimbursement may be available from your medical savings account,
health savings account or insurance, depending upon your policy. If you are
interested in this, Mia can offer education on how that process works and
provide you with an invoice to seek reimbursement.

Boulder Meditation Instruction

Mindfulness awareness (shamatha vipashyana) meditation is a simple and
profound meditation technique, where we learn to be with our self, as we
are. The benefits include stability, strength and clarity of mind. It’s not
surprising that research proves the positive effects on our health.

Workshops and Trainings

Mia can offer a presentation or consultation on many health, wellness
and creativity related topics for any size group including: team building,
visualization, creative manifestation, design process, and ceremonies to
honor and inspire.

If you are curious, please inquire.