Kind support and encouragement so you build resilience to meet life's waves+challenges.

Therapy, Transforming Touch, and contemplative coaching for individuals, couples and groups.

Your current life is shaped by your thoughts, choices, beliefs and experiences.   That’s probably obvious to you.  The question is what do you want to do with that?  Get clear on directing your actions and mind so you can have more health, hope and happiness.

Mindful, body-centered therapeutic processes can be an excellent opportunity to explore the obstacles to experiencing a rich, full life. Learn gentle, practical tools for managing emotions and your nervous system.

In case you wonder, that’s what contemplative coaching is!  We are in attention to what is alive for you, in the moment, and we attend to it with presence and kindness.  When this work is used well,  you’ll be able to make better choices and move toward being more of who you really are, in accord with your aims and goals. 

Sessions are $160 for 55 to 60 minutes, payable at the beginning of your session.


"I had no idea how powerful being in such a loving and non-judgmental environment was, until working with Mia."

"With Mia, I learned how to make friends with my own pain and discomfort, to get in touch with my needs and feelings. I’m so grateful. I feel like I can handle life better now."

Meditation Classes

Mindfulness awareness (shamatha vipashyana) meditation is a simple and profound meditation technique, where we learn to be with our self, as we are.  It’s as old as the Buddha, and I’m authorized through this organization to teach meditation. The benefits include stability, strength and clarity of mind. It’s not surprising that research proves the positive effects on our health.

Friday Grounding

Get past livestreams so you can ground and center. Sometimes these happen live, Fridays at 10 am CST.
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Mini Meditation

Grab your 2-minute meditation here.

"Mia reminds you of your inherent beauty and worth, and teaches you how to stay connected to that."

"Before taking Mia’s class, I was miserable and really hating the thoughts and feelings I had about myself, especially when it came to dating. The inner critic class has me feeling a whole lot better. I GET what’s going on now inside, and feel ready to rock out!"

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