Meditation 101

It's time to be more mindful, more present, and meditate.

Think you can’t meditate? Or that it’s too hard? That’s just your ego getting in your way. You can totally meditate. You just need simple, clear instructions. 

In this form of practice, we are going to focus on clarity and stability – which means we’re going to teach you how to be in the here and now. 

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or  you’ve been meditating for years – this practice will bring you back to the beginner’s mind. 

We’ve put together a resource that is designed specially for those that want to delve deeper into themselves and become more centered. 

“The effect of Buddhist meditation isn’t just momentary;
it can alter deep-seated traits in our brain patterns and character.”

I’ve turned this Simple meditation into a guided practice you can use every day to feel:

What you'll get:

Practice makes Perfect

Sorry to say, meditation is not a magic bullet.  80% us don’t feel like we are pros right away.  Most of us feel something beneficial from the first sit onward though, and keep at it!  As one well know meditation master said, “You are perfect, but there is a of room for improvement.”  (Shunryu Suzuki)  This notion inspires people all over Earth to keep on with their mindfulness awareness practice!


Meditation has been used for thousands of years to steady the mind and emotions.  It’s called a practice because with ongoing and dedicated attention you will see results. 

It’s up to you to apply the instructions. You CAN do it, dear person, and when you do your mind will feel more stable, calm and clear.

students say:

"Mia is a breath of fresh air - she has an amazingly calm energy and has allowed me to regain my headspace in a crazy time."

"Wow. I finally learned to meditate. It's not as complicated as I thought."

"My friends tell me I'm easier to be around. I like myself more too because I don't fly off the handle as much. Who knew meditation could be so good?"

"Meditation was always so hard for me. I thought I was doing it wrong. This is the best info I've gotten on meditation."

The Investment

Experience the audio recordings, printables, detailed instructions, and more, a $500+ value for just $97

Please, thoughtfully consider your decision to purchase this class. Refunds are not offered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Countless others say, “Yes, very worthwhile!” and so do I.  We all report positive results.  Except one person.  But we discussed her situation, adjusted the instructions and she’s had a strong meditation practice going on seven years.  Generally, folks immediately notice positive effects.  Even if you use this material occasionally, you’d be ahead.  People report immediate and long term benefits.  Science has proof too!  Often partners notice changes in them before the meditator does!

You don’t need to buy any equipment.  At some point you may decide you want a meditation cushion, but you don’t need it.  You don’t need anything special, which means you could be meditating later today!

We are training the mind to be in the here and now.  You might ask, why do that?  Because we live in this world; eyes open.  We want to be able to deal with it well.  Also, this method has a lot of transferable benefits.  The biggie is your ability to redirect and focus your mind where you want it.  (Instead of on the stuff that doesn’t make you feel too good.)

Friend, I hear you.  At times we all have too much thinking going on!  In mindfulness awareness meditation, we don’t need to get rid of anything.  You learn how to direct your attention.  Upside:  once you learn how to do this in meditation, you can do it any other time you want, including when your thoughts are driving you crazy and distracting you.

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