Trauma + Resiliency

Would it feel better to understand why life feels so difficult? Want some tools?

Does life feel overwhelming? Do you want to play ostrich some days?  Feel out of control other days?

I get it. We’re going through an taxing and unpreditable time. 

And on top of that, you’ve got trauma that keeps peeking through your daily life.

The good news is that we all have trauma – some is big “T” and some is little “t” – but it’s all  traumatic.  It’s wired into the brain to react to threat, even if the threat isn’t real.

This class is designed to give you the tools that you need to unlearn that threat response and effectively develop resiliency, which makes all of it easier to handle!

Resiliency helps you avoid and recover from your life’s trauma – from the big stuff all the way down the the little stuff. 

Trauma and Resiliency Course

I’ve created digestable and encouraging lessons to help you deal with trauma - so that you can come out resilient.
Learn how to...

Learn simple brain tools and tricks so you know what’s going on when you get stirred up or shut down.

What you'll get:

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What it's not

This isn’t counseling or psychotherapy, but it you can apply it to yourself, and that’ll feel therapeutic.

Some days, this info will help to center you for your day, and other days it may take a bit longer. You will get the best results when you proactively and regularly use the info.

The Investment

Experience the audio recordings, printables, and more, a $300 value for just $97

students say:

Oh, that's why I get so riled up. Got it. Even better, I can calm myself down. Thanks Mia for showing me and being so kind in the process.

Before this class I didn't know what the heck was going on with me. I was irritable and down. Now I see it's my brain, and have ideas of what to do. I don't feel like such a loser.

I was pretty down on myself before this course. I feel more normal, like I can do something to help myself.

The Investment

Experience the audio recordings, printables, and more, a $300 value for just $97

Please, thoughtfully consider your decision to purchase this product. Refunds are not offered for this product. Results vary. Folks report immediately experiencing insight and relief when using these tools. In my experience, the more regularly you use these methods, the more far-reaching the effect. Bottom line: It’s up to you. 

“People with mindfulness training have a shift in their brains toward an “approach state” that allows them to move toward rather than away from challenging situations. This is the brain signature of resilience.” 

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