Working with Fear + Aggression

Settle Your Body & Mind

There’s a lot of anger and fear in the world right now, and rightfully so.

We are feeling afraid, furious and traumatized. This class is designed to help you deal with strong emotions and your brain when it is feeling threatened. And we're all feeling threatened these days.

Off and on, we are hunkered down in social isolation and preaching coming together through staying apart in response COVID-19. Next up: election season, which is anything but friendly…

The death of George Floyd (and a rash of other senseless killings; past and present) prompted communities all over the globe to march in the streets, protesting oppression and fighting to dismantle an unfair system built on slavery and genocide. And then the wild fires and political divides…

What’s happening may be a precursor to evolution of a worn out system— but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing. 

For many of us with sensitive souls, it can feel like we’re witnessing an endless cycle of hurt, aggression and bad news. But what do you do when you want to stand in integrity, but you also need a little reprieve?

Now more than ever we need to work with our hearts and minds to bring ourselves back into balance, make friends with our discomfort and cultivate more patience and understanding. 

That’s why I created my class, Working with Fear and Aggression.  In it, we discuss how to navigate our feelings during times of war and distress.  You’ll receive a recorded meditation to provide grounding during this time. 

The short and digestible sessions are a mix of meditations, teachings and best practices for your body and mind.  Info focuses on working with fear and aggression, based on Pema Chodron’s “Practicing Peace in Times of War” and “How to Fight” by Thich Nhat Hahn.

There is also an informational talk to address how to keep yourself “in the window of tolerance” and how to identify symptoms of trauma, which many folks are experiencing in this political climate. 

You will receive the recorded talks, more than 10 methods to move yourself out of fear and anger, handouts and a grounding meditation that show you how to reign in angry or fearful thoughts for just $99!

Now more than ever we need to work with our hearts and minds to navigate our fear and aggression.

The aim of this mini class is to deliver information based on Buddhist teachings and non-violence along with guided practices for working with the complex emotions that we’re collectively and individually feeling during this time.  

In addition to being a tool for personal transformation, mediTation is a social action. When practiced regularly, you will:

The Bottom line...

Bottom line: if you are stirred up, ill at ease, uncomfortable, or have lots of fear and anger taking up precious space in your mind, you will benefit from this approach as long as you continue to practice it.

Upon registration you’ll receive access to the whole kit and kaboodle!  Talks on fear and anger and methods for handling them.  Mindfulness awareness meditation instructions which promotes calm and stability. The body resiliency (trauma info) is there for you right away too!  It’s a body/mind/spirit approach that works.

What it's not

This isn’t counseling, psychotherapy or a quick fix, but it IS therapeutic. It’ll help you learn how to manage strong emotions and give you suggestions and tools for taking care of yourself and your fear and anger in non-violent, kind ways.  You don’t need to be Buddhist, and I will share practices from that tradition.

People get the best results when they proactively and regularly use the practices offered in this course. The fruits are cumulative.  The class draws on teachings I’ve received from Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh and includes succinct info on keeping your brain and nervous system in a healthy state.

Working WIth Fear + aggression mini course

Experience the total workshop right now, with 10+ tools for just $99

Course format: Everything is on aN easy-to-use site. review Or Download as you wish With unlimited access, Either way.

students say:

"Before I wasn't sure how to handle my intense anger. Now I have much better options, and I feel less frantic."

"Working with Mia turns tides."

"Using the tools I've learned have literally changed my life."

"My partner says I'm more fun and less moody. I know what to do when I get scared. It's helping me and us a lot."

Please, thoughtfully consider your decision to buy this workshop. Refunds are not offered. Results vary. Folks report immediately experiencing insight and relief when using these tools. In my experience, the more regularly you use these methods, the more far-reaching the effect. Bottom line: It’s up to you. Count on the workshop to give you tools that have been tested since the time of the Buddha.

Why take this class?

Here’s Mia’s answer to that good question… 

“My aim is to walk my talk; to download to you what has helped hundreds of seekers, including myself. Through this gentle, direct and present approach, I show you how to feel better. You’ll get tools for taming the mind and tending the inner world with more care and softness. In 20+ years as a meditation instructor, coach and counselor, this set of practices is consistently helpful. And the more people use them, the easier it gets. I hope you’ll join us.”

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