Transforming Touch®-a Technique to bring more health

Transforming Touch® is a body and brain modality that is used to address both accumulated stress and trauma that originates in childhood (or 0 to 25 years of age). A simple way to think of it is that it’s a tune up for the nervous system. The nervous system does everything from keeping us breathing and blinking to helping us calm down after a fight or flight reaction.  It needs attention. 

This is a trauma informed (generally that term means I have an understanding that trauma can be our reactions to what does/did happen and what did not happen, including in childhood) and trauma resolving protocol. The work provides support to the body to help it increase its ability to operate in day to day life with more resilience and choice. One way to know that we could benefit from working with this way is when life and options feel narrow, or there’s only one way/choice to be made.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn this method directly from Steve Terrell, who designed the protocol over many years. Having observed what was and was not helping clients have better lives, this method evolved. It’s an attachment based approach that is rooted in neurophysiology, which is a branch of physiology and neuroscience that studies nervous system function rather than nervous system architecture. (Source: Wiki)

With permission, Transforming Touch® is done on a treatment table, with touch. (It can also be offered from a distance without physical contact.) Before we begin, we’ll review exactly what the session will look like. I like to draw a little diagram of how the nervous system works. Sometimes, if it’s of interest we talk Polyvagal Theory as well. Regularly, people finish sessions and say they feel more relaxed and rested. They also report feeling they have an easier time coping and managing stress in healthier ways. World-wide people are offering and receiving Transforming Touch®.

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