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What is Somatic or Body-Centered Therapy?

Body-centered or Somatic Psychology is a field within psychotherapy.  It’s not just taking a yoga class or walking during your psychotherapy session.  Those activities, sure can be great too.  There’s more to it as it relates to therapy though.  In this video I’ll tell you more about Somatic or Body-centered psychotherapy.  If the roots and

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Self-acceptance is called for now.

Self-Acceptance Now

Right now, the arrangement of the heavens is in even greater support of self-acceptance.  I am no astrologer, and the info is clear, that we are in a time that will support a deeper knowing of our wellness  If you’ve been putting off working with your internal negativity, don’t wait.  There is extra energetic support

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Beliefs and Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy

Negative Beliefs = Doorway to Change The Hakomi Method mixes and weaves together the best practices to help you get in touch with yourself.  It’s a kind way to explore your inner world so that new choices feel more accessible.  It pays attention to limiting beliefs because paying attention to them helps us walk toward

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Non-Violence and Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy

Non-violence is the Hakomi principle that encourages and allows us to be gentle with our self.  Because when we are gentle we ourselves, we can be that way with others.  In a counseling session, this quality is likely to pervade.  You might notice it in my tone or pacing.  With non-violence as a guide, there’s

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