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Mindful breathing

Pause for a Mindful Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing We are in it now.  The busy holiday time, that is.  Seems like no matter what, there are moments of too much activity, interaction and stimulus.  As soon as you notice that you’d benefit from a break, go ahead and pause.  Take a moment to invite mindfulness of body and breath.  This short

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3 Q’s to Contemplate Your Entry into Autumn

These days, I’ve been spending as much time as I can manage outside.  I’m trying to store up the soft breezes and warmth on my skin.  I give myself even more credit if I’m barefoot, because connecting with the ground feels freeing and strong at the same time.  Join me on my Mexican blanket to

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Why Resilience Matters and How to Build Yours Now

Resilience Helps Us Deal With Pain in the Neck Events While dutifully filling up my Kia Rio, rental car my car keys got locked inside.  How I tell you the rest of the story has the potential of causing stress and strain in my body.  Or it can build my capacity for bouncing back from

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Cloud Break for Holiday Stress Relief

It happens fast this time of year. We get swirled up and out of our centered calm place, wondering, “was I ever relaxed?”  Worried about the news, one more call to make, holiday commitments that don’t stop.  Yikes. You are invited to 23 seconds of sky gazing. As you watch the clouds pass, take a

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