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Margaret Hilton, MA

What IS conscious Dance?

Conscious dance is part of the expressive arts. Simply put it is moving the body. It doesn’t have to look good. The “dance” can be done with or without music. The idea is to listen to the body and move from the impulse or desire vs. our habitual way. When there is sound with a

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Holiday Stress Relief Tips

If the winter holidays get your down, this is for you. We are mid holiday season, ramping up to Christmas.  Can you feel the quickening, maybe even some frenzy?  No matter if you celebrate these days, it’s in the air.  Here in Boulder, downtown was lit up and decorated in a blaze of bright colors

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Cloud Break for Holiday Stress Relief

It happens fast this time of year. We get swirled up and out of our centered calm place, wondering, “was I ever relaxed?”  Worried about the news, one more call to make, holiday commitments that don’t stop.  Yikes. You are invited to 23 seconds of sky gazing. As you watch the clouds pass, take a

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