Margaret Hilton, MA

What IS conscious Dance?

Conscious dance is part of the expressive arts. Simply put it is moving the body. It doesn’t have to look good. The “dance” can be done with or without music. The idea is to listen to the body and move from the impulse or desire vs. our habitual way. When there is sound with a playlist, it facilitates a ‘movement wave.” Music that starts more slowly, builds and then quiets. If you are lucky, there’s a guide who gives clear, doable instructions. Margaret is one such wonderful facilitator, and I’m thrilled to be offering a program with her in September 2022. Learn more here.

Within the retreat, Margaret will offer at least one movement session a day, where the music will take us on a journey similar to the architecture of a wave that rises and falls. It is a dynamic experience anchored in music from different cultures and timelines that will invite us to explore the profound simplicity of following the signals of the body.

In a facilitated experience such as this one, you get simple cues to invite you to move and explore your own embodiment. If you have experienced Ecstatic Dance, The 5Rhythms, Open Floor or The 360 Emergence, you have a feeling for the experience of a dance wave.

Zero dance experience is necessary. You just have to be wiling to move your body, be curious, surprised and maybe even and have some fun.

Margaret Hilton, MA


Conscious dance connects you to your body, mind and spirit. It can be a beautiful container for moving emotion and being with one’s unique human experience. 

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