Attachment Style Quiz

Please follow this link (or paste this: to take a five minute or so quiz about your style of connecting and relating to others, also known as your “attachment style”.  You’ll get your results immediately. If we work together, please share the info you get from Diane Poole Heller’s quiz, with me via email.  …

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A Ritual to Recall Goodness

In times of disrupt, transition or even discord, I find it helpful to take a step back.  A long pause, where I rest in the moment.  Then, if I need some encouraging, I find it helpful to use a ritual to gather objects that signify support and connection. If the challenging time is anticipated, one …

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What is Somatic or Body-Centered Therapy?

Body-centered or Somatic Psychology is a field within psychotherapy.  It’s not just taking a yoga class or walking during your psychotherapy session.  Those activities, sure can be great too.  There’s more to it as it relates to therapy though.  In this video I’ll tell you more about Somatic or Body-centered psychotherapy.  If the roots and …

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You must (Learn some NVC)!

Here’s why you must know your needs, wants and desires.  Don’t worry, there are ways to learn how to do this.  NVC is one of them.  If you do not know your needs, feelings and wants, you are unlikely to talk about them.  If you do not talk about them, they have no chance of …

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Relationships and Co-Dependency

Relationships as Mirrors Commonly, in our thoughtful moments, we are trying to understand our relationships.  In therapeutic work, the aim is to go beyond complaining about how and what your friend or partner does to upset and confuse you.  At some point, the relationship must become a mirror reflecting you to yourself.  Asking, “what is …

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When You Feel (Emotions), You Heal

Positive Thinking Meets Negative Emotions Unless you’ve been living the life of a hermit, surely, you’ve gotten the memo that thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions is real important. Normal Vincent Peal’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” circa 1952 was a major intro to this idea. Now, more than 70 years later, we have …

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