Attachment Style Quiz

Please follow this link (or paste this: to take a five minute or so quiz about your style of connecting and relating to others, also known as your “attachment style”.  You’ll get your results immediately.

If we work together, please share the info you get from Diane Poole Heller’s quiz, with me via email.  Take screen shots of your pie chart.  It may have up to four pieces in four colors.  This represents the four different attachment styles.  You’ll also see percentages.  I’d like to see all of that.  When we meet next, I can explain more and use the info to help you move toward more secure attachment.

All of us can have more satisfying relationship experiences.  Understanding your attachment style can be a key to shifting toward more security.

Special thanks to the brilliant, synthesizing mind of Diane Poole Heller who made the quiz, and is a great teacher.


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