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Invitation to Stop Fooling Yourself

You can fool a lot of yourself, but you can’t fool the soul. – Mary Oliver

Any new year comes with an implicit invitation to take advantage of the power of beginnings.  Officially it is a time of fresh starts. 

Why not be still and get quiet with your real self.  Your wise self waits to be called upon.  Listen closely.  Sense what tingles, stretches, tightens or closes in the body as you consider how you are fooling yourself.

We do so in hundreds of ways.  Some of them useful.  Many of them worn out, and not in service of being our brightest, most healed selves.  Getting to the core of the pattern that is binding your soul is the work I do with others.  I offer it out of a sincere yearning to watch each of us unfold into more wellness and functionality.  You can start the process of inquiry by asking yourself this:

What thoughts, stories, beliefs and actions are limiting me now?

Let yourself see clearly where you fool yourself.  Let yourself be less fooled!  That is the beginning.  Next, assume there’s a good reason for this and be kind with yourself.  If you wish for support in further unraveling this, reach out.  I may be the person to be of support to you. Therapy using Hakomi, body-center and Buddhist principles can be a big help.

Isn’t your life too precious to waste on half truths out of alignment with your soul?

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