A Ritual to Recall Goodness

In times of disrupt, transition or even discord, I find it helpful to take a step back.  A long pause, where I rest in the moment.  Then, if I need some encouraging, I find it helpful to use a ritual to gather objects that signify support and connection.

If the challenging time is anticipated, one can pro-actively collect a thing or two that may serve as a talisman for the quality you want to be reminded of.  You can imbue anything with power and meaning!

Some people might like to turn to words of inspired writing or songs of encouragement.  For me, a kinethestic and visual learner by nature, I need to feel and see the goodness.

A few minutes quietly spent reflecting on your objects’ positive associations can help to bring a sense of calm, and redirect attention.  You can choose items that represent an idea, feeling or quality that you wish to be more in touch with.

A Resiliency Ritual

Mia Bolte, ritual, therapy, resillence
A decorated eagle feather, blue celestite and a kind angel.

For instance, in this image of my own ritual, first I gathered my treasures.  Then, I sat outside in the fresh air with these few tokens of soulful connection to the divine and dear ones.  This reminds me that there is a natural order to life and support is there, whether or not it is visible.

Sit in soft attention and be with your collection.  Next, recall the lovely qualities or a sweet memory.  Feel whatever positive emotions and sensations are stirred as you are with your objects.  Make it up if you need to, just let yourself have a break from the challenges of life.  Remind yourself of the bigger picture, of what feels safe, nurturing and divine.

The simple ritual of gathering of your goodies, being with and reflecting upon them can renew your connection to goodness and remind you of positivity.

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