Relationships and Co-Dependency

Relationships as Mirrors Commonly, in our thoughtful moments, we are trying to understand our relationships.  In therapeutic work, the aim is to go beyond complaining about how and what your friend or partner does to upset and confuse you.  At some point, the relationship must become a mirror reflecting you to yourself.  Asking, “what is

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Mentorship for New Therapists, Counselors and Psychotherapists

Beginning to see clients as a new therapist is brimming over with possibilities and real challenges.  Holistic and Buddhist-inspired mentoring supports and encourages you to meet what unfolds as you encounter the  joys and dilemmas of this stage of your development as a counselor, professional and person. Counselor and Adjunct Faculty for Naropa University, Mindfulness-Based

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Creating change with therapy with Mia Bolte

When Will I See the Change?

To all of you who are eager to see a new side of yourself complete with real change, one that has an easier time, I offer this encouragement: “The beauty of nature insists on taking its time.  Everything is prepared.  Nothing is rushed.  The rhythm of emergence is a gradual slow beat always inching its

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Beliefs and Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy

Negative Beliefs = Doorway to Change The Hakomi Method mixes and weaves together the best practices to help you get in touch with yourself.  It’s a kind way to explore your inner world so that new choices feel more accessible.  It pays attention to limiting beliefs because paying attention to them helps us walk toward

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When You Feel (Emotions), You Heal

Positive Thinking Meets Negative Emotions Unless you’ve been living the life of a hermit, surely, you’ve gotten the memo that thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions is real important. Normal Vincent Peal’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” circa 1952 was a major intro to this idea. Now, more than 70 years later, we have

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Why Resilience Matters and How to Build Yours Now

Resilience Helps Us Deal With Pain in the Neck Events While dutifully filling up my Kia Rio, rental car my car keys got locked inside.  How I tell you the rest of the story has the potential of causing stress and strain in my body.  Or it can build my capacity for bouncing back from

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Non-Violence and Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy

Non-violence is the Hakomi principle that encourages and allows us to be gentle with our self.  Because when we are gentle we ourselves, we can be that way with others.  In a counseling session, this quality is likely to pervade.  You might notice it in my tone or pacing.  With non-violence as a guide, there’s

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Holiday Stress Relief Tips

If the winter holidays get your down, this is for you. We are mid holiday season, ramping up to Christmas.  Can you feel the quickening, maybe even some frenzy?  No matter if you celebrate these days, it’s in the air.  Here in Boulder, downtown was lit up and decorated in a blaze of bright colors

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Cloud Break for Holiday Stress Relief

It happens fast this time of year. We get swirled up and out of our centered calm place, wondering, “was I ever relaxed?”  Worried about the news, one more call to make, holiday commitments that don’t stop.  Yikes. You are invited to 23 seconds of sky gazing. As you watch the clouds pass, take a

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