Romantic Relationships Explained

I can barely pull myself away from the new cook book I’m loving to give this a proper and enthusiastic intro.  And, I must!  Without a lot of preface,  I am sharing the goodie now.  Why?  It’s a distillation of years of inner work; my own and witnessing others.  This needs to be shared.  It

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You Take Care of YOU!

What Are Good Boundaries? We get encouraged to have “good boundaries”, right?  Here are some healthy thoughts and actions that are examples of healthy boundaries.  For many, your own experience somehow took a back seat including being conditioned to be overly focused on others. It’s no wonder that boundaries can be confusing.  Read through the

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Attachment Style Quiz

Please follow this link (or paste this: to take a five minute or so quiz about your style of connecting and relating to others, also known as your “attachment style”.  You’ll get your results immediately. If we work together, please share the info you get from Diane Poole Heller’s quiz, with me via email. 

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Crystals, clear and confused

Invitation to Stop Fooling Yourself

You can fool a lot of yourself, but you can’t fool the soul. – Mary Oliver Any new year comes with an implicit invitation to take advantage of the power of beginnings.  Officially it is a time of fresh starts.  Why not be still and get quiet with your real self.  Your wise self waits

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What Do My Emotions Mean?

Understanding what our emotions mean can help us to process and make sense of them.  It’s also essential to feel them vs. simply thinking or pondering.  As you look through these definitions notice how your body responds.  Are there sensations that arise?  Let the body be part of the investigation. As you try on this

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Mindful breathing

Pause for a Mindful Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing We are in it now.  The busy holiday time, that is.  Seems like no matter what, there are moments of too much activity, interaction and stimulus.  As soon as you notice that you’d benefit from a break, go ahead and pause.  Take a moment to invite mindfulness of body and breath.  This short

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Self-Care for Me and You

Wonder what keeps me fortified in my work with others?  Short answer:  self-care. It’s an afternoon like this. Welcome to my “other” office.  I’m the spot of blue, hands up, at the edge of the patio.  Whenever possible, I find myself tending to the more administrative side of life in a gorgeous setting.  Part of

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You Can Only Control Some of Life.

Control 101: Where You Can Influence Your Life

This graphic pretty much says it all.  Let it be a conversation starter about where and how you spend your energy. Ask yourself if you are on track for your best living.  Do some adjustments need to be made?  If you find that you are getting hung up on matters that are out of your

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A Ritual to Recall Goodness

In times of disrupt, transition or even discord, I find it helpful to take a step back.  A long pause, where I rest in the moment.  Then, if I need some encouraging, I find it helpful to use a ritual to gather objects that signify support and connection. If the challenging time is anticipated, one

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3 Q’s to Contemplate Your Entry into Autumn

These days, I’ve been spending as much time as I can manage outside.  I’m trying to store up the soft breezes and warmth on my skin.  I give myself even more credit if I’m barefoot, because connecting with the ground feels freeing and strong at the same time.  Join me on my Mexican blanket to

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