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Lists could be holding you back.

Tempted to get a special notebook? Maybe a pretty new pen to get your new years resolutions or to-do list inked? Hold on. Your lists and resolutions just may be a bad idea.  What? Give up the new year’s resolutions? Hear me out…

Anything that is motivated by aggression or fear is not going to get you where you want to be. Sure, you might spend a few more days on the workout or learning enough Spanish to order with ease the next time you head to Mexico, but if feeling bad about yourself is the fuel, it will not work. It just won’t. And even if it did, your self worth is too high a price.

How to know if you might need to get little less hard on yourself? Look at your self-improvement list(s). Are they long? Constant? Never fulfilled? Predicated on the idea that you are in bad shape in any way? These all signal that you may need to slow down and tune in to what is really driving all the ambition to “do better.”

Check please, to see if you are kindly inviting vs. feeling compelled, or demanding it yourself into evolution. You’ll get the most bang for your buck in the territory of gentleness.

Need some help with that process of approaching life and yourself with care and friendliness? Yearning for a guide? I’ve made it for you. It’s the bones of what I do with myself and others. It’s got everything to do with giving up self aggression (dead end) and planting the seeds of basic goodness and skillful ways to get things done in a kind manner.

Check out options here: miabolte.com/courses, Meditation and Inner Work will give it all to you!

Writing in garden

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