Romantic Relationships Explained

I can barely pull myself away from the new cook book I’m loving to give this a proper and enthusiastic intro.  And, I must!  Without a lot of preface,  I am sharing the goodie now.  Why?  It’s a distillation of years of inner work; my own and witnessing others.  This needs to be shared.  It covers things like:

  • What love really is, and what it has to do with assuming the best of another.
  • Why it is very hard to see what a pain in the neck I am (and you are too!) 😌.
  • How early life experiences and our romantic life connect and inform each other.
  • A little bit about attachment theory and how it shows up with our partners.
  • How to actually get it right in relationship.

Here’s to Alain de Botton for giving it to us straight.

Give it a listen.  What stands out to you?  Post in the comments, so we can all evolve and cheer for each other as we go!

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