Free Friday Meditation Practice

Can you believe these bizarre and unusual days we are living into?  If you’re like everybody else, it’s challenging. For sure, there is so much to process, from the pandemic to Black and Native Lives Matter finally getting deserved attention. Not to mention figuring out how to juggle a home based life with our family life, needs for social connection etc…

More than ever, I find meditation useful, dare I say essential for well-being. You are invited to join me for one of my “short times, many times” meditation practice periods. We’ve been doing this live on Facebook since the beginning of the Covid-19 days.

We gather, to take a short break in the day; just be for a few minutes every Friday at 10:00 am CST for ten minutes.  I’d sure love to have you there!. 

To be clear, this is a form of meditation that builds clarity and stability. We practice being present, in the ancient lineage of the Buddha.

Ritual, routine and schedule can be calming in times of disruption and unknown.  Put meditating together on your calendar Fridays at 11:00 am EST, and 9:00 am MST. Can’t make it? I get it. You can still watch a replay!

Take care dear people,


p.s. Go to my Fb page to immediately get a short and doable meditation video. It’ll help you stay grounded and sane. 

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